New Kit, New Build


The PyHawk construction video is not in chronological order of build and my kit has extra items not included in the video so don’t know how they should fit… However, having great fun so far and learning lots.

Does anyone have a written build manual ?


There are a few inconsistencies, but which videos did you find out of order?
What are the extra items you found?


Videos are very useful but, for example, cant bind receiver as no power yet.

How to use the UBEC? What is the black box with DroneDojo logo?


you are correct,
some videos are not completely in order,
I would suggest that if you get stuck, watch a couple of the later videos.

how to use the UBEC?
have to remove one of the cables from 3 ESC:
Remove UBEC Line from All But One of the ESCs - Drone Dojo (
Then you plug them into the pixhawk:
Wiring the ESC PWM Lines to Flight Controller (Navio and Pixhawk) - Drone Dojo (

What is the black box with DroneDojo logo?
looks like a holder for the RPI camera
Calibrate Optical Flow Sensor - Drone Dojo (