Need Help with Long-Range Video Streaming Setup


Hello All,

I’ve successfully integrated the camera and live video feed based on Caleb’s tutorial. However, the current system isn’t designed for long-range video streaming. I’m interested in setting up a system capable of streaming video over a distance of 10 to 20 miles. Could anyone recommend the necessary cameras, hardware, and software for such an endeavor? I’m eager to kick off this new project, so any guidance from the community would be highly valued. Thank you.


Perhaps this might help you?

Btw, can you share more detail on your project? How do you plan to comply with local regulations?


I watched the video about 4G LTE technology on a drone last month, and I’ve become keen to integrate video streaming functionality into a DIY drone project I’m currently developing. My objective is to emulate features similar to those offered by the Inspire 3.

Upon conducting preliminary research, I discovered the RFD900 modem. While it is FCC-approved and has an impressive range of 40 km, its bandwidth limitations make it unsuitable for video streaming. I also evaluated the SmartLink system as an alternative; however, its $4,000 price point is quite steep for a DIY project.

I would be very grateful for any advice or recommendations you may have for achieving video streaming capabilities on a more cost-effective scale.


Ok, clearly I am not tech aware on this subject, as I was thinking you could stream over the cell network. But I see there are no small affordable cellular capable camera options. But could you not use a small cheap wifi camera connecting to a drone ad-hoc network via the RPi? (

You might consider posting here as well:


The article by Steve Murch is about WiFi, which will have a limited range. Let me post this question on the Ardupilot forum. If anything else comes to mind, please let me know. Thanks.


What I was trying to say was, what if you created an onboard access point with the RPi that both the 4G LTE modem and WiFi camera both connect with? Then the camera feed might be sent? Like my home wifi cam that I can view from my phone anywhere.