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Hi All,

I’m using Navivo2 for drone build. I can see continuous yellow light blinking on the Navio2 board. Can anyone know what does this yellow light blink means? and how can I solve this issue?

I can find a LED light meaning for Pixhawk. Is it the same in the Navio 2 as well?



Hey npadmaprabhu,

There seems to be no explicit answer to this on the Emlid website/documentation but this thread could be insightful:

They make reference to this page in the Ardupilot website:

I think its fair to assume that the LEDs will behave similarly between Navio2 and Pixhawk since the LED color is firmware dependent and not hardware dependent. In my opinion, thats the most logical explanation for why Emlid would not give such details, but Ardupilot would.

From experience, I can confirm Single Flashing yellow: Radio failsafe activated. This means that if your radio failsafe is turned on, you have not yet paired the radio controller with the drone and the drone is not armable.

What I suggest is for you to map out the LED colors by trying the different modes. Note the color when your RC is paired, when the drone is armed, when it is disarming, when theres a GPS failsafe or any other error on the ground station and eventually you’ll understand what your Navio is trying to tell you :slight_smile:



Hi Jon,

Thank you for your valuable response.

I’m still facing the problem with “How to arm the drone” and a yellow blinking light on the Navio2 board.

Navio is connected through an SBUS connection from the R9DC receiver. When I turn ON my Transmitter AT9S, I can see the receiver’s signal on the AT9S screen.

On the mission planner, I get the below error messages and it’s says the drone is DISARMED.

08/04/2021 11:22:49 : PreArm: Battery 1 low voltage failsafe
08/04/2021 11:22:49 : PreArm: RC10 minimum is greater than trim
08/04/2021 11:22:49 : PreArm: RC9 minimum is greater than trim
08/04/2021 11:22:49 : PreArm: RC7 minimum is greater than trim
08/04/2021 11:22:49 : PreArm: Battery 1 low voltage failsafe

Any leads to how to solve the problem?



hi npadmaprabhu

  1. For Battery 1 low voltage failsafe: Check that your power module is actually working fine because it is responsible to deliver the right voltage. if you want to ignore the prearm and fly anyway you can disable the parameter FS_BATT_ENABLE

  2. For RCX min is greater than trim, recalibrate your RC once again. if the issue is still there you can go ahead and change the trim parameters RCX_TRIM and make them between the min and max

Hope I helped


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