Motors run only for 1 sec



I finished building the pixhawk drone kit, having issues running propellers with the FlySky tx.

when I arm the drone, lift the left handle, the motors will run for around 1 second and then stop. If I try to keep controlling, it will stop.

  • TX and RX are successfully binded
  • All hardware has been callibrated.
  • TX has been configured same as this video course: Setting Up the RC Controller - Drone Dojo (
  • On TX calibration in MP, I am able to see the controllers moving up and down to limits, no issues.
  • On motor calibration in MP, the motors run for longer time, no issues.
  • full battery charge on TX and drone.
  • double checked all cables are plugged in all the way.
  • the channel was on 1, stabilize flight mode.

Here is a video showing my issue:


I run the dronekit script to fly and land and get the same behavior where the motor starts and stop immediately (just like the video I uploaded above).

Below is the output of the takeoff script, notice the critical error maked right after the motors started/ended:

pi@raspberrypi:~/dk $ python --connect /dev/ttyAMA0
Vehicle is now armable
Vehicle now in GUIDED MODE. Have fun!!
Waiting for vehicle to become armed.
Look out! Props are spinning!!
Current Altitude: 0
Current Altitude: 0
Current Altitude: 0
Current Altitude: 0
Current Altitude: 0
CRITICAL:autopilot:Potential Thrust Loss (3)
Current Altitude: 0
Current Altitude: 0


I think I see the issue.

Uninstall the smoke stopper and your issues should go away.

That item limits the amount of current that can reach your drone.


that did it, thank you!

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