Motor won’t spin right but will spin left


Originally thought the motor dead. Tested with other esc to make sure it wasnt the esc and noticed it would turn left and arm fine but when I reversed the direction it won’t turn right it will just twitch on arm. Have calibrated esc multiple times through mission planner (once manually during the course). This all started after a failed first take off and it flipped the motor was working before.

Edit 2: I changed the motor location and now it refuses to spin left and will only twitch right seems maybe the motor will only try to spin in the opposite direction healthy to the quad.

Edit 3: Final edit. My esc for the motor wasnt secure so I think the vibrations were causing it to come unpinned and maybe some wire damage from the crash near the pins of the motor (since the problem followed the motor) after securing the escs better and securing the pins in I was able to lift off and hover!!


Great to hear, @laptus!

I’ve had many experiences of twitchy or dead motors that ended up being bad contact between the ESC and the motor. Definitely a good thing to know!

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