Micro Pi Zero: Setup - Zadig not showing stm32 bl


I bought Micro Pi Zero drone from DroneDojo, I am following the course Micro Pi Zero Drone, I am stuck on Zadig step, unable to see STM32 bootloader in dropdown options, I performed following steps:

  1. Installed all software mentioned in the video
  2. Pressed DFU button near type C port and plugged Matek F405 HDTE board to my laptop.
  3. In Zadig clicked on Option > List All Devices.

After performing above 3 steps, I am not able to see STM32 bootloader in Zadig, hence can’t proceed. I tried skipping step and going to INAV Configurator but nothing as excepted.


At the risk of being overly clear, did you hold down the DFU button while you inserted the board?
In Device Manager, do you see STM32 BOOTLOADER? If not, return to Silicon Labs and download/install the CP210x Universal Windows Driver. (Unless you are using an Apple product?)


I pressed DFU button and then inserted USB cable and still didn’t see STM32 BL
I cannot see STM32 Bootloader after installing CP210x Universal Windows Driver from https://www.silabs.com/developers/usb-to-uart-bridge-vcp-drivers?tab=downloads

Installing process:
After extracting zip file, I opened release notes, and followed these instructions:

  1. Using Windows File Explorer, locate the driver folder
    (that you previously unzipped)
  2. Right click on the silabser.inf file and select Install
  3. Follow the instructions

Problem is when I right click and click on Install, it doesn’t give any wizard, instead a prompt shows up and says “Operation Successfull”, but I don’t see anything in Device Manager nor do I see anything in Zadig.


This is resolved, I was using power only USB cable, when I switched to data cable, STM32 BL came up and I was able to flash FC.


A common error.

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