Mavplink in ubuntu 20.04


Loaded defaults from /home/kent/courseRoot/apm/ardupilot/Tools/autotest/default_params/copter.parm
stack overflow in thread FTP

Running: sh dumpstack 5986 >segv_arducopter.5986.out 2>&1
I get this error when I try to run --map --console in my Ubuntu 20.04 operating system. IN the course virtual environment everything works fine. Same computer but I boot Ubuntu with a dual boot situation in this case. Where can I look to try and find why I am getting a stack overflow?


Hi there Kent!

Did some research and this issue on this forum looks familiar. The solution in his case was to downgrade MAVProxy 1.8.19 to 1.8.18 and everything worked.

So something like “sudo pip uninstall MAVProxy” then “sudo pip install MAVProxy==1.8.18” I believe is what you’d need to do.