Issue configuring battery monitoring



I am having issues setting up mission planner battery monitoring.

The drone is the kit’s RPI Pixhawk model.

two errors:
set batt_amp_pervolt failed
set batt_volt_mult failed




yes this worked, thank you!


Hello I had the same issue, but the issue was when I did like this :

can you help me out.


When I did like shown in the figure it is showing, set BATT_AMP_PERVOLT failed


Make sure the power module is connected correctly.
Have you successfully connected to Mission Planner and transferred parameters?
Try updating your fm. What fc are you using, the Pixhawk that comes with the kit?
You can try manually calibrating the battery monitor per


yes i have connected power module correctly. Actually it is powering pixhawk. The problem is when I try to do this.

Yes I have followed during the process. But when I try to set ‘Monitor’ to ‘Analog Voltage and Current’, the mission planner starts to obtain the parameters by showing a pop-up windows. After that it shows ‘set BATT_AMP_PERVOLT failed’ and ‘set BATT_VOLT_MULT failed’ like this.


And if you select OK, can you enter the HW version?
Sometimes replacing out parts if possible, eg power module, or trying a different fc might give you a clue.
Does Messages under the DATA tab provide any clue?

I would also suggest posting your question with the developers at

If it persists or you suspect a defective part try contacting Caleb at