I received 4 CW motors


I have been gradually purchasing my parts to build the drone and just received the motors. I received 4 clockwise motors rather than 2 of each. Is this workable? My thought is to put a tiny drop of thread lock on the 2 motors that will be working to loosen the prop.


I think you can re verse 2 of the wires of the servo to reverse a motor


Thanks! I did that. I am concerned that the rotation will naturally loosen the nut securing the props on the two motors that should have the CCW thread. So I got my socket wrench out and tightened them good. I ran the motors for a while holding on to the drone and nothing loosened. I’ll make checking the nut tightness part of the pre flight check.


Hi there @msperrin

I actually did this same thing on my first drone! As you did, if you tighten the nuts down pretty good you should be fine. Maybe even re-tighten them every 5/10 flights or so.


Thanks. I’ve added checking the props to my pre-flight check list and packed a 12mm box wrench in the kit.

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