I Got Telemetry Radios Messed Up


“I some how got radios where they wont take the up date bootloader wont boot load an I’m using raspberry pi 4 b with navio 2 an the 1 base radio is usb an other 1 has cable that goes to uart any help would be appreciated thanks”

Posted by Bryan Isenhour


Hi there Bryan!

Do your telemetry modules pair? Meaning, when both are powered do your modules have blinking green lights or solid green lights?


Bryan I:

"They were blinking now there connected but not sending or receiving packets or heartbeat

I can connect with lan cable but no heart beat packets when just radios could configure autopilot calibration for compass an left right but no connectivity thru radios an both r green lights they will pull info from other radio but nothing thru to navio2 an back"


It is strange that the modules are connected with a solid green light but you cannot connect the drone to Mission Planner through your modules.

If you are on a Windows computer can you open up the “Device Manager” and tell me what you see under ports?

You should see something that looks like “Silicon Labs CP210x…”

Then you would select this com port (mine is COM10) in mission planner, and select 57,600 for baud rate.

If you are doing all this and this is not working, I would think you are having an issue with setting up the Telemetry module on your Navio/Raspberry Pi.

If that is the case, could you provide me the contents of your file at /etc/default/arducopter or /etc/default/ardupilot ?

You will need to set up this file as done in this lecture if you haven’t already.


Bryan I:

"It must be on ip address on pi because I can load info about radio setup but there is no heartbeat detected so it’s no seeing the navio this has been a pain to set up "


Can you please send me the contents of your /etc/default/arducopter or /etc/default/ardupilot file? If there are any issues there I will be able to see them. Sorry this has been such a pain for you :frowning:


i did was a pic from moniter


Hi Bryan,
I had the same issue and it took me a long time to figure out the problem. The telemetries were both solid green but no data are transferred. I found that you need to enable serial communication on your raspberry Pi follow these steps:

  1. Open your raspberry through SSH
  2. Go to youre raspberry Pi configuration $ Sudo raspi-config
  3. Navigate to Interface options then to Serial port
  4. Choose No for "Would you like a login shell to be accessible over serial?
  5. Choose Yes for “Would you like the serial port hardware to be enabled?”
  6. Restart your raspberry Pi and connect your telemetries to mission planner or APM planner and it should work. Hope I helped


If you still are having bootloader problems, one solution is posted here (near the bottom)


I once used it successfully.


Awesome advice guys, didn’t know about either of these potential solutions. I may make the enable UART a standard part of the curriculum.

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