I can not working with opencv and dronekit at the sametime


I have install python 3.9.2 and opencv 4.6.0 and dronekit packages
if I run for example arm_test.py from the terminal it is works fine, and if I run a normal opencv program from the terminal it will works fain but after I type “workon cv”
so now I tried to run a program which I include dronekit and opencv packages together but it is not work.


Try: pip3 install --upgrade numpy

I got it from here: [RuntimeError: module compiled against API version 0xe but this version of numpy is 0xd · Issue #4281 · freqtrade/freqtrade · GitHub](https://github.com/freqtrade/freqtrade/issues/4281)


Thank you for your replying
I have tried it but it still not working


If you provide your install steps perhaps I can try to reproduce.