How to Use This Section


So you have a problem or question related to the course your taking. Great, you’re in the right place and one step closer to resolution! Please do not post new topics directly in ‘Course Questions’. Instead, find the appropriate sub category and place them there (Example ‘Drone Programming’)

This is a high level guide on how to use this section.

  1. Check to see if your problem/question has already been resolved. You can do this by searching for keywords (top right of this page. Look for the magnifying glass), or by looking through the topics that have already been posted.
  2. So you couldn’t find your issue and it’s time to make a post to get your problem/question resolved. Identify what course you are taking, and click into that course category (If you’re taking ‘Drone Programming Primer’ and have a question, click into the ‘Drone Programming’ section.
  3. Once in the correct course category, click on ‘New Topic’ and create a new post. The post should:
    a. Be very descriptive. If it’s not a code related problem/question, provide as much details as possible, as this will help us diagnosing. If you’ve encountered a code problem, copy the actual text of any error messages in your ticket. We want text instead of screenshots so that people coming behind you will be able to search for your issue. Also attach the script/code/command you were trying to run that failed.
  4. Someone will quickly reply to your issue and a dialogue will begin. Let’s get that problem fixed!