How to use the aux channels of the FS-i6 remote


I got a Flysky I6 remote with my drone kit. The necessary steering controls work. Also, the knobs VRA and VRB seem to work. However, i never managed to use any of the switches SWA-D. Assigning aux channels (other than the knobs) in Mission Planner and then using the switches has no effect.
Tutorials like this or this tell you to enable and assign them at various places in the remote’s menu, but I don’t have any of the mentioned menu entries (FW ver. 2.0, 1-Feb-2018). Also, I currently don’t have an USB-to-PS/2 cable to flash the firmware (who does?). I can try to get one of course, if a firmware update was the solution.
Does anybody know how to use the aux switches with ArduPilot? I just FUBARed another drone today which could have been saved if I had a kill switch.


Am not sure if this is what you’re after, but when I experienced a somewhat related issue, this clip was a game changer:


Thanks, that is a step forward, but it still only uses 6 channels. Instead of using all aux channels, he just disables the knob and enables the switch instead.
However, I think i got the solution. The remote only supports 6 channels at once. I’ve hidden the receiver away in a printed enclosure shortly after I got it, so I remembered just now, that it only has 6 ports which are labeled ch1-6. So you can probably transfer control from a knob to a switch, but you can’t use them all at the same time.