How to choose relevant materials


Hi Everyone,
I started the course on how to build a Rpi drone because i’m interested in learning on every domains during all the parts of the process (i’m a Web developer).
I’m a French people, so the links regarding differents parts does not apply, and i’m building my own list to do so, but i have a few questions (i’m a beginner regarding electronics) :

  1. Is it possible to build a Rpi drone with a F330 frame ? if yes should the props be shorter? what will be different ?
  2. Regarding the battery, is possible to get one with high storage, for example 7000mha, but all of the high storages are used with 11V, so how to convert the output to be used with the Rpi (5v I guess) ?
  3. Is there a reference regarding the GPS mount ? because i’m not sure of what to get
  4. Regarding the battery charger there are differents numbers such as B6 50W or B6 80W and I cant’ figure out what’s the good one for this usage ?

Here I’m done with my first set of questions, I hope someone will have enough time and knowledge to help me a bit :slight_smile:
Thank you everyone, have a good day

BR, Nicolas

  1. Yes. But you need to find propellers to fit well onto that frame. Propellers should not be touching each other or the core of the drone. Thus, you’ll use a smaller propeller, and for the motors, a little more KV rate than what we see in the course.
  2. Check this link. This is the piece that regulates the power.
  3. I couldn’t find a GPS mount in my country. So, I went with a metal cloth hanger :smiley: I cut it, bend it, zip tied it, and used it like that :smiley:
  4. I found this one in my country. It does the work. Find something in your budget.


or find a 3D printer and print the GPS mount.
you can find many free STL files ready online in great websites like


Hi there @nicolas, welcome to the dojo!

@onurbaskin and @iyad had good suggestions!

I’ll also add that increasing the battery storage mAh does give you more electric ‘fuel’. However, higher storage batteries are typically heavier than lower storage batteries, meaning it takes more amps to provide thrust to fly with a higher storage battery. It’s definitely a balancing act! Also, I use a 50W LiPo charger that works just fine, I also like to recharge at lower charge currents for a longer lifespan of the battery.


Hi Everyone, thank you for your feedbacks.
I’ll dig into this and try to find the right parts !!
Thanks again everyone.



Problably too late for the thread starter, but in case anybody else tries this:
I attempted to downgrade to a F330 frame once. I couldn’t continue using 10 inch propellers anymore, so I had to use stronger motors. Here are the new parts I had to use:

I used to calculate the build. Even if you don’t find the exact parts, you can still compare the effects of e.g. a stronger battery or bigger props.