How Do I Edit Mission Planner Flight Mode PWM Values?


Using a FlySky FS-i6 controller with the 10 channel firmware update. I have set Channel 5 to Switches C+D to preset 6 flight modes. Radio is calibrated in Mission Planner and shows the following PWM values for each switch setting under the Radio Calibration tab.

Position 1, 1000 PWM
Position 2, 1200 PWM
Position 3, 1400 PWM
Position 4, 1600 PWM
Position 5, 1800 PWM
Position 6, 1800 PWM

When I move on to the Mission Planner Flight Modes tab, it shows the following default values pre-assigned to trigger the 6 switch settings.

Flight Mode 1, 0-1230 PWM
Flight Mode 2, 1231-1360 PWM
Flight Mode 3, 1361-1490 PWM
Flight Mode 4, 1491-1620 PWM
Flight Mode 5, 1621-1749 PWM
Flight Mode 6, 1750+ PWM

As you can see, when I put the switches in position 2, the 1200 PWM is not high enough to trigger Flight Mode 2. Also, when I put the switches in position 5, the 1800 PWM is too high to trigger Flight Mode 5 and I get dumped into Flight Mode 6 instead.

I thought I could edit the trim on the radio as needed to resolve this, but the trim values for all switches are tied together. If I bump the trim up high enough to get over 1230 PWM in position 2, it jams me up in positions 4-6. And if I trim down to get below 1750 for position 5, it messes up positions 1-3.

Is there any way to edit the default PWM values for the Flight Modes in Mission Planner, or is there another fix I haven’t found yet to resolve this?



Here is my method to create six switches using OpenTx Companion:

1 Power Tx and connect to PC.

2 Power FC and connect MP.

3 Open OpenTx Companion to Model of interest.

4 Create logical switches using two physical switches (do not use Override):

5 Assess radio pwm values at -100% and 100% (Mission Planner):
Example at -100% showing pwm value on CH5 (red arrow). Similarly, assess pwm at 100%.

6 Calculate ratio pwm/weight% (examples shown):
pwm_low = 982, pwm_high = 1903, pwm_diff = 921,
ratio = 921/(100%-(-100%)) = 921/200 = 4.6 µsec/%.

7 Normalize to target pwm values per MP radio range (“Flight Modes” hardware):


8 Go to Companion Mixes
i) Select Channel
ii) Add Name, Source = MAX and %weight as per above, ENTER
iii) Right click to Add another switch and continue as above
iv) SAVE to Tx
v) Option: Use Physical Switches in Mixes instead of Logical Switches


Wow, love that step-by-step guide, Jack! Thanks for that. That should be a blog post!

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