Working my way through the programming course and have signed up for the precision landing course. I intend to build a hexacopter and I am wondering if the drone building course is applicable enough to build the hexacopter vs the quadcopter shown?


Hi there Carl!

The drone building course was designed to be flexible for two types of people:

  1. Those who wish to build the quadcopter from the parts list here: dojofordrones.com/raspberry-pi-drone

  2. Those who wish to source their own parts for there own build.

The course walks you through the design/part sourcing process, so building a hexcopter should be no problem. Also, I imagine if you wanted to closely mirror the parts used in the course, you could simply buy two extra motors and props with a DJI hex frame F550 (instead of the F450 for quads).

I’d be happy to help wherever there may be differences for hex vs quad builds :slight_smile: