Greetings, Earthlings!


Hello! Just started the course that shall not be named, and thought I would drop a note here to introduce myself. Looking forward to meeting all the other people that have joined the Dojo.

I like comics, but I don’t have a favorite. Favorite color is maroon. I smoke cigars.

End transmission.


What’s going on John!

Love that you smoke cigars, I’m big on that too! Maybe we’ll have to zoom-style light up sometime haha

Welcome to the Dojo!


Ha! Me too, currently favoring the Connecticut wrapper milder sticks like Drew Estates Undercrown Shade. A long way from hand rolling Bull Durham in high school. A Zoom light up? The added dimension of aroma in the air would be a connection. Wonder what Message ID that might be.??


You too?? Who knew we had such sophisticated people in the Dojo!? :wink:
I’m a mild cigar guy myself, so I’ll have to try those Undercrowns. Don’t believe I’ve had those before.

Haha that’s what I’m saying!

Message ID: 76