GPS/Compass & AutoTune


I am having trouble performing an auto-tune and have a couple theories that I am hoping yall can help with. I have passed the acceleramator and compass calibration, but when I try auto-tune in the roll axis, i get a “auto-tune fail, cant level” error in mission planner. I have auto-trimmed and have enabled one harmonic notch filter, plus manually tuned the PIDs, so the craft is flying pretty decent i.e. no oscillations and hovering decent in stab mode. This is why I am confused as to why the auto-tune is failing. My theory is that the compass/gps module could be better. I am using the one from the kit, but I see that they sell much better ones e.g. M9N, so I am thinking on upgrading, unless you guys are using the one from the kit and are performing successsful precision lands. Any insights would be greatly appreciated!