Go backward or go forwards, where is the sweet spot?


In a former post, I explained that I was trying to run Ardupilot 3.5.5 to better support the Navio2. I know that just proir to this, the teacher of the program demostrated erratic thrust syncronizaiton with it 4.0.3 AP, but there was a bug-fix release. Ardupilot and Emlid are content with the latest upgrade of 4.0.3 and lists it as stable. After trying unsuccesfully to get 3.5.5 working on 16.04, I hit a wall and tried a different path. If 22.04 Ubuntu is current OS and certified for the RP 4B, why not go with the latest and use 4.0.3 AP as well? After installing and updating the basic OS I began installing the dependancy list. All I got was a not found messages and references to python2.

N.B. I have a running instance of the pre-configured course software on a virtual machine. What I am concerned about is when I am using my drone in the real world, I want to be running a portable linux box. So, I can’t load the dependancies of the course into 22.04, can’t make SITL run in 16.04. Where is the sweet spot here, 18.04? 20.04?


… I am also interested in ROS2 stack with Ubuntu 22.04 … if you send a stack install list … I have a RP4-B-8GB, that I’d be interested to get working … I can share what I find during the installation … I am also interested in getting this working on a RPI-CM4-4GB-32GBemmc … I don’t have a pixhawk … but was interested a Cube Orange …