Getting replacement propellers (in Germany/Europe)


I’m looking for replacement propellers for the motors included in the kit.
The mounting hole on the kit propellers is flattened on the sides so it cannot spin through during flight. Al propellers of type 1045 that I could find have a perfectly round hole which isn’t even large enough to completely fit onto the propeller mounts. See the attached picture for a comparison (right = included, left = replacement).

Where to get this kind of propellers? Of course, I’d prefer reasonable prices and (more important) short shipping durations (Banggood and Aliexpress have very long shipping durations).
Also, is there a name for that kind of mount? I couldn’t find any reference on the internet.

Thanks in advance!

The mount seems to be referred to as “DJI 2212” sometimes (which is also printed on the motor…). Still, they are hard to come by.
Any chance that self-tightening propellers for Phantom drones are compatible (e.g.


These are the props listed on the course website:

These are also listed on Amazon and ebay.


Perhaps these props can be found on the manufacturer’s website or other retailers in Europe.
Not sure about the Phantom self-tightening props, but it obviously depends on the motor shaft dimensions which should be specified by the manufacturer.
Another option is the ream out the prop hole a bit to accommodate the flattened section, then use the plastic tightening rings to hold in place.


Don’t forget the spacers. I didn’t know what they were for.