GCS for MacOS


Hey guys,

Wondering what GCS software are Macbook owners using. Mission planner is Windows only. I installed APM Planner as I read in the Ardupilot website that it was the best GCS for Mac, and if true, that is a sad state of affairs because the software seems broken.

After navigating through a plethora of issues with APM Planner, including finding the right USB-to-serial drivers for the radio, it seems that my computer is detecting a serial device when I plug the radio in. Lights on both telemetry modules are solid green (yay!) but that’s as far as I have gotten. When I choose this new device in APM planner and hit connect, it apparently works, but no parameters are loaded, and when I try to load them manually it asks me to connect a radio. I might continue trying to make APM planner work, but just wondering what other are using.



For anyone else looking into this, minutes after posting this question, I decided to download QGroundControl as that was the software used in the previous course. It all worked out of the box. Detected my radio, connected to my drone, and started telling me which sensors needed calibration. I’m not sure APM Planner works at all with MacOS at the moment.


Not much of a Mac guy myself but this is great info for those that are!

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