There was already a topic on on this but it is locked. Once I get everything running for the drone to fly autonomously and land back on the aruco marker, it makes a jerk motion and looks like it doesn’t even try to find the aruco marker. It ends up landing on the grass so many meters away. On the previous topic, the solution was to turn on the rangefinder. However, I did that and the action is still being performed. Could their be another cause for this. @jax200, you answered one similar to this.


I ended up figuring it out. The camera matrix was set incorrectly due to configuring the camera wrong. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Actually, it is helpful to report problems and solutions to learn from !


Glad you got this figured out, @Zlw60! I agree with @jax200 it is great to know what the potential problems are to get a better inventory of potential solutions :slight_smile:

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