Function to Arm and Takeoff Drone


I just do Function to Arm and Takeoff Drone but in my terminal is always show Current Altitude=0 and it show “ERROR:autopilot:DISARMING MOTORS” How can I fixed it?


Should be

vehicle.mode! = 'GUIDED ’ :


So it never got in GUIDED mode and can’t takeoff in the default STABILIZE mode.


I just try your suggestion but it can’t out of this while loop.


Hard to say.
I would invite another student to join in, but If you want to send me your file I will look at it.

#5 (1.4 KB)
(Can you look it to me that what is the problem of this code.)


Your code worked fine for me. I can only suggest there is something different how you set up your environment. You might try reinstalling.