Drone Training Academy Indonesia


Hi there everyone,

I’m a drone pilot looking to start a drone training school in Indonesia to address the current problem with the industry here right now which is a lack of pilots that know how to build, repair and program drones as well. I was wondering if any of you have any suggestions on how to structure my curriculum. My idea is a drone training academy with a 3-month program aimed at Indonesians and companies who want to train their employees or start an in-house drone team. Program will be conducted in Indonesian, not English.

My current curriculum structure below:

  1. sUAS Pilot
  2. Microcomputer Maintenance
  3. Robotic Programming
  4. Microcontrollers
  5. Sensor Technologies
  6. Motor Controls
  7. GIS interoperability
  8. Remote sensing
  9. mapping software

My main vision for my hands-on training academy idea is to create more professional pilots that know how to fix drones as well. Is my curriculum too complicated? Can it be simplified?