Drone Motor Screw Tops Fly off when throttling



I’m having trouble with the “First Time Flying Drills” part of the course. I see that the drone is ready to be armed. And then I start it by holding down right on the RC Controller, it starts normally. But if I add too much thrust to it (enough to where it might actually take off), the screws at the top of the motors will fly off (along with the props). Has anyone else had this issue? Thanks!


Hi eli

That normally occurs when not using the correct prop. Make sure you first identify the correct spin configuration (CW, CCW) for each arm of the craft, then ensure you are placing the correct prop. The leading edge (thicker side) of the prop turns towards the appropriate direction.


Hey Jax,

Thanks for the quick response! ones. I checked the props and I made sure that they were the correct ones. Just for good measure, I swapped them with the ones that spun the opposite way. But the drone still won’t take off and I still had one of the screws fly off. This time though, the prop stayed on the drone. I also noticed that air was being pushed upward rather than downward with the new configuration. Is there anything else that you recommend? Thanks for your help!


I figured it out. I had the counterclockwise motor spinning clockwise (the red one) and the clockwise motor spinning counterclockwise (the black one). Thanks for your help. It fly’s now!


Yes, I was just about to amend my response to make sure the ESCs are correctly wired.