Downloading ArduPilot Source Code


I’m working to download ardupilot source code on the drone using a freshly cleaned SD disk with 32 GB of storage. However, each time I run the command git submodule update --init --recursive it times out with an error of no space left on the device. I included a screen shot in addition to my disk storage displayed. Thank you for your assistance.


Hi there @HollisRoush

This is strange.

Did you flash this image with balana etcher?

Are you able to pull plug this SD card into a desktop OS and look at the disk allocation? In windows type in “Disk Management” with the SD card plugged in. Look for any un-allocated space.

It should look something like this:


I have found this article to be helpful:


I discovered it was a partition issue. The software automatically partitioned the SD card so the download wouldn’t use the full 32 GB. I fixed this by going to sudo raspi-config and setting advanced settings to increase storage which unpartition the card and allowed the storage to open up and continue with the tutorial. Thank you for your replies.