Current readings in Mission Planner WAY too low


I’m currently trying to calibrate the voltage and current readings in Mission Planner as the battery health level doesn’t seem too accurate.
I got this watt meter and attempted voltage and current calibration according to the ArduPilot tutorials at
Voltage calibration went fine and the voltage divider was set to around 10.7, however, the measured current is way too low. When I bring the current draw close to 10 (according to the watt meter), Mission Planner still displays it as around 1 Ampere. In the ArduPilot explanation video on their page, they ended up with an “Amperes per volt” value of around 17 +/-1. I’d have to set this value above 100 to get a halfway decent reading. That can’t be good, can it?
So, assuming it is a problem, did anybody ever experience it?

Monitor = Analog Voltage and Current
Sendor = 0: Other
HW Ver = 4: The Cube or Pixhawk

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I got this working following Randy MacKay’s video running it up to 10a on the watt meter and setting BATT_AMP_PERVLT to 25.

I also use a FrSky current sensor and monitor it on my transmitter. It agrees more or less with the watt metter.