Course material tested on Ubuntu 16.04 or 18.04


I’m new to the course, hence just getting started. In following the course material to setup a Virtual Machine with Ubuntu on my Windows 10 PC, I see both Ubuntu 16.04 and Ubuntu 18.04 mentioned. But this warning directly below in the “IMPORTANT SPFTWARE VERSION INFORMATION!” section of the course makes me not certain which version of Ubuntu Caleb developed the code in. Caleb, can you answer this question ? I’d welcome answers from anyone else as well.


After you install and launch Ubuntu 16 on your Virtual Machine and first login, you will at some point be prompted to upgrade to Ubuntu 18.04. DO NOT DO THIS!!! The course material has only been tested on Ubuntu 16.04, and you will likely run into bugs on Ubuntu 18.04. Upgrade at your own peril


If you search this forum you will find various discussions using newer versions. Ubuntu 18.04 is ok and I’ve even played around with 20.04.

You can evaluate this:

Here is a link to install on MS WSL2

WSL2 Instead of VirtualBox?.

You might encounter conflicts later with ROS but I am still checking this


My issue is that I need to use Arudupilot 3.5.5 (AP3)for stable running on a Navio2 autopilot hat. In one course listing showing versions, I also have similar questions:
Because AP3 install scripts that seem outdated with URL’s pointing to Git:// instead of Https:// and mavgen stops with import errors, does anyone know if AP3 might work better with Linux 18.04 and/or is the version of Python on a machine worth looking at. My course platform is currently Raspberry Pi 3B/Lubuntu (RP3L) and uses python 2.7.12 as a default. I believe I can invoke version Py3, but without knowing more about AP3 coding. Anyway I am stuck with SITL not working in mavgen.(see post under ‘programmin’. It is difficult to know if 16.04 or 18.04 is being promoted for the course and which is ‘safe’ or correct to use. And a final question, is my course platform RP3B a problem as well?



Unfortunately I don’t use the Navio2 so I can’t help here, but I will try to contact Caleb and see if he can help.



Thank you. I did have a email discussion with Caleb a while ago. He said he would continue to support both PixHawk and Navio2. He explained the buggyness of the Navio2 with Ardupilot 4 and I believe one of his solutions was to stay with AP3 for the Navio2. That is why I am attempting to get the older systems running. Just running into problems setting up the environment and I realize that deprecation may be my enemy here. Prior to all of this, I did set up the VM on a Win10 machine and got through the course. I am repeating it as I set up the older platform. I also thought that a RP3/Linux box would be enough for the older environment and software. If this is the problem, I do have a Thinkpad I can use as the programming/ground station machine. (footnote - I could throw away my Navio2 and pick up a PixHawk and forget all of this, but my first choice is to use the Navio2.)