Course cut off


Hello, I have an issue with the video player for this course. it doesn’t play till the end, it cuts off a few minutes earlier and as a result, I miss the material. One more important thing to note: I registered automatically when I purchased the blue belt, and it is fine but when I tried to go to the forum to open up an issue than it asked me to login again and did not allow the login and password I used for the course. so registered again with same email in order to be able to write you here. please check both Issues.


Could you point to a couple examples where the video cuts off? I know there is one or two but doesn’t have any consequence in the instructions.
I will let Caleb know about your login issue, but seems you are ok for now.


I have the same problem. However, logging out and logging in again, did not solve it.

As an example, I have made a screenshot of the course I am having an issue with. It is the Drone Programming Primer > Ardupilot and SITL introduction > Flight Modules in Ardupilot. It cuts off at 4:34 mid-sentence. The other videos have the same issue.

I hope you have a solution for me.


@system or @jax200 any update on this? or is the video supposed to be cut off mid-sentence or mid-word?


I looked at that one and he just clipped it a second too early, but no big deal. I think you get the idea to click on a link to get more information on a flight mode.
I know there are a few others like that and in one case there is a loss of audio for quite awhile, but at no time did it stop me from understanding the content and finishing the course when I first followed it.
I know it’s not perfect : ( but most of the videos are fine.
Feel free to list any others where you think you missed out on content and maybe I can help.


Same issue. I’m wondering if I’m missing lots of content or just part of a sentence - I don’t know.


Same answer