Connecting python script to SITL drone


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I’m currently stuck om trying to connect the with the SITL drone. I’ve made the script to match as shown in the course, and launched the before running the python script. However, after running the script this is all i got :

as you can see, it it does not return me the >>APM and >>FRAME like shown in the video. However i got no heartbeat warning so I know it is connected to the SITL drone, just not returning me the APM version and frame type. Anything I can do to resolve this? thanks in advance!


Hi there @AgastyaB!

This is a good question.

It appears newer versions of ArduPilot or Pymavlink/mavproxy aren’t writing out vehicle information automatically to the console, as previous versions had.

The absence of the connection error/timeout is indicative of a successful dronekit connection, so you should be good to go!


Do someone understand why i get an invalid syntax?

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Hey there,

Try removing the space between “connection_string” and the “=” sign. The syntax error should disappear. Also remove the space between the “=” and “args.connect”. This should solve the issue.




There is a missing closed parenthesis


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