"Compass 2 not found"



I made some good progress but got stuck after setting up all dependencies for the Pixhawk + RPi connection. At the end, when trying to boot up mavproxy throught RPi I get a “compass 2 not found” error. I am pretty sure that it is a human error on my part. I blindly pressed the “remove missing” button in the mandatory hardware -> compass section. Ive attached a screenshot if anyone can help. Is this something I can fix in Mission Planner or will I have to reflash the pixhawk?

Screen Shot 2022-08-12 at 2.02.51 AM.pdf (1.8 MB)


UPDATE: It was a simple fix in mission planner thanks to Caleb. He instructed me to simply uncheck one of the compasses and now im good to go! :grinning: