Cant arm using transmitter(bars barely move in radio calibration)


I finally got all the errors out of the way and reached “ready to arm” after pushing the safety button. But was unable to get it to arm by holding the left stick down and to the right.

I went through the transmitter set up again to make sure the modes are correct(they are) then went to radio calibration in mission planner. Now moving the sticks on the transmitter barely causes the bars on the calibration screen to move, sometimes not at all. It was working before when I went through those steps(probably a month or more ago by now)

Transmitter and encoder seem to be wired correctly, I’m at a loss. Ever seen an issue like that?


Sounds like the transmitter isn’t communicating with the receiver. Maybe need to bind it again.
It might be a small detail, have you read through this page?


Yea I saw that page.

I don’t have the drone with me ATM. However I believe it is bound, as it showed the drone battery voltage and when the drone’s battery is unplugged the transmitter chirps to let me know its not connected.


I am unsure then. You might post your question here to see what the devs say:

Perhaps the transmitter battery is low.
Maybe go through the transmitter setup again and make sure you haven’t inadvertently changed another setting …expo?
Upload a photo of your wiring?

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