Callibratng ESCs


In the video “Calibrating ESCs”, it was shown that one of the ESCs was calibrated by connecting it to channel 3 on the RC receiver on the drone. I am assuming we have to do this for all the ESCs, but after calibration, do we have to take all the red wires from all four ESCs out? In addition, when calibrating the ESCs one by one, do they all have to be connected to channel 3 specifically?


I’m far from a pro but take all but one of the red wires out of the escs and tape them up with electrical tape they are 5v BECs you only need one of them to be plugged in. I’m not sure on the channel 3 question but I know after everything is set up you can calibrate all 4 at the same time through mission planner.


@laptus is right. You can technically remove the UBEC from all 4 ESCs if you don’t plan to ever power something from the servo rail (like a mini servo or a different sensor requiring 5V), but it’s good to have.

Calibrating the ESCs individually you will want to plug each one into channel 3.

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