Calibrating ECG's with Motor attacheded FAILLED


My second set of questions related to building the quad drone Pixhawk Kit.

I started to calibrate the motors this morning and here’s where things don’t seem correct. My first indication was the 4 AA batteries though fresh purchased failed to start the RC and ended up buying rechargeable AA batteries. (Bind plug of the RC in not on the back but in the front), sound given off by the motors upon connection is barely audible, with the two and three number beeps, and if they occurred then I failed to hear them.

Motor (4)Ready TOSKY rs 2212920kv 3 male connecters came ready installed. EGC Simon k30a NIMH 5-12s Lipo 2-4s Female connections came ready attached

Eventually motor number one did come to life, starts quite jerky turning in reverse, before turning in the correct inwards direction! (Anti Clockwise)

(I have the White legs facing towards me as is the arrow on the Pixhawk) motor number one is the left hand white leg with the connecters, White, Red, Black,in position 3 on the receiver module. whith the jumper on bat connecter is in B/VCC position on the receiver.

Now we come to motor number two! This is where I am in a dilemma?

Explanation: Ive disconnected battery, B/VCC (the black jumper wire) and the White, Red, Black from the RC Receiver and everything is OFF!

So again I take the power lead from motor to the right white leg (facing towards me) and connect the white and black lead to the RC receiver in position (3) three from the left. (No jumper wire)

Now I put the left switch arm down into low/off position, turn on the RC! RC put to on… Then push up the left throttle switch on the RC and plug in the battery to the quad and I then hear (barely) a “small” tune, but I do NOT hear either the two or the three beeps that you say will follow. (Waited 5 minutes). Then return the throttle arm to low. Attempt to increase/start revolutions … NOTHING?

Now i tried the same thing with the rear left Red arm motor again NOTHING! No movements.

So, now it would seem that i have wasted the entire morning following the video’s to achieve nothing. What am I doing wrong??
Is the board bad, the ecg’s or the motors?


Did you solve this? Need more help?