Caleb's channels Vs. Ardupilot Assignments


A E T R — Ch 1-A=Roll (Aileron) Ch 2-E=Pitch (Elevator) Ch 3-T=Throttle Ch4-R=Yaw (Rudder)

Caleb from his Drone Programming Primer, Drone Basics and Flight Jargon 02:13
E A T R—Ch 1-E Ch 2-A Ch 3-T Ch 4-R

The correct order are the Ardupilot assignments.
Comments, complaints or criticisms welcome. Tell me how I’m wrong if you so believe I am.


Good catch. He just numbered the channels incorrectly there.

Otherwise I see he has it per AETR convention in the “How to Build A Raspberry Pi Drone” > “Hardware” > “RC and Telemetry” > 4:38.

Then he describes Mode 1 AETR transmitter programming correctly in “Initial Setup of Drone” > Setting Up the RC Controller" > 1:49.


Yes sir! Good clarification helps us all.