Bullet Connectors & ESCs blue wires missing



I’ve begun following the first ‘How to Build a Drone’ tutorial: https://dojofordrones.com/topic/soldering-bullet-connectors-to-escs/ , but it seems that the blue leads/wires connected to the right side of the ESC (attached/screenshot below), are missing from the parcel that was sent to me.

I tried to attach here one of the four ESCs that I’ve received, but the system says that I’m only allowed to attach 1 image, as a new forum member …

Also, it seems that I haven’t received the ‘bullet connectors from the motor box’ …

So I’m just wondering what you can suggest?


Best regards


Ben The image didn’t show. You tried by just pasting a screenshot?

I will check on the missing parts and the image message.

Although the kit should have included all the parts, in reality you should be prepared to buy extra parts if you plan to continue with flying and building. Crashes are almost inevitable unless you are one of those gifted builders/flyers (which I am not!). You will find parts will get damaged, eg, props, gps masts, esc’s, etc. or it’s good to have extra stuff in case parts are missing, eg, bullet connectors, JST, DuPont connectors. You might get some additional tools, eg, wire strippers, if you don’t have already. The parts are normally inexpensive so I always buy extra. That way you don’t have to wait around for stuff to be mailed to you.

Have some extra silicone wire on hand as you will find it will be needed in many future builds. 20AWG wire would be good for the escs.