Battery Charging Issues


When attempting to charge my 11.1V 5000mAh 3S battery with a LiPro Balance Charger, I encountered an initial error, “LiPo Battery Cell Connect Error.” When I reduced the charging amps to 2.3A this error is resolved.

However, a new issue arose as the charger displayed a full charge shortly after starting, despite the battery not being fully charged. Upon reconnecting, the initial charge showed around 8.9V.

During charging, the individual cell voltages were 1-cell: 2.4V, 2-cell: 3.8V (sometimes 4.2V), and 3-cell: 2.7V.


Those cells are way too low and shouldn’t go below 3.5V. As noted by Oscar Liang:
“It’s important to make sure the cells in a battery are within similar range before using it, otherwise you can risk over-discharging the cells with lower voltage. Also if a battery pack consistently become unbalanced, the cells probably have different internal resistance and should be inspected more closely.”