Barometer Error


I cant seem to arm my drone due to the following error. Seems like the barometer is off?

PreArm: Baro: GPS alt error 5805m (see BARO_ALTERR

All parts are from the build list.
Drone has never flown before, so it could just be broken from factory, I don’t see any calibration options for barometer. I dont even see and values that look related under “status”

Can this be overridden in any way so at least i can fly it some manually?
Been working on this in the little time I have inbetween other stuff for months and havent got it up at all, always on thing or another :frowning:

Has anyone else seen this problem or have any ideas how to fix?


I was not sure, but checked with my friendly CoPilot:

"The error message “PreArm: Baro: GPS alt error 5805m (see BARO_ALTERR)” in the context of Ardupilot and Arducopter typically indicates a discrepancy between the altitude readings from the barometer and the GPS. This can prevent the vehicle from arming as a safety precaution.

Here are some steps that users have found helpful in resolving this issue:

  1. Adjusting the BARO_ALTERR Parameter: Increase the BARO_ALTERR parameter value to accommodate the altitude error. For example, changing it from 5000 to 6000¹[1].
  2. Setting BARO_OPTIONS: Change the BARO_OPTIONS parameter to 1, which tells Ardupilot to treat the barometer as if it’s a different type of chip¹[1].
  3. Hardware Solution: Some users have resolved the issue by replacing the barometer chip (MS5607) with an MS5611, which may require soldering skills²[2].

It’s also noted that downgrading to an earlier firmware version, such as 4.3.0, has helped some users avoid this error¹[1].

(1) Prearm error GPS alt error 5850m (see BARO_ALTERR.
(2) Prearm error GPS alt error 5850m (see BARO_ALTERR.
(3) Arming in altitude hold mode - Copter 4.2 - ArduPilot Discourse.
(4) Baro: altitude error is linear to altitude #15025 - GitHub."



When you say CoPilot… as in the microsoft AI or you mean something else?

I tried chatGPT just looking for a place to start and it didn’t really say anything useful . If that’s what you mean by CoPilot I’ll have to try it out.

I’ll try those solutions anyway!


Yes MS CoPilot. I recently started to use it as a troubleshooting tool. I’ve even started to use it with writing code for drone simulation. It often gets it right, albeit sometimes you have to make a few adjustments. I think we are on the initial wave of this. In a year or two it might be the primary means of writing code.


Agreed. I’ve been doing the same with chatGPT on some web/PHP stuff for work and its been amazing.
Cant believe how much it gets right.

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