ArduPilot Installation Part 1


I am trying to add the “Export Path” on 2:46 of the lesson and can’t figure out how to be able to insert the text. Maybe its a linus thing I don’t know. I try pressing the down arrow to be able to start typing but it stays on the last line of the output.

How do I insert this?


Suggest you learn a little bit about the vim editor.


Thanks for the link. I still am having an issue with it properly working. I’m wondering if a previous step was done that caused the issue. This is what the end of his code looks like and what mine looks like.

It seems that he has more export values in the code that were pre populated before he began to insert.


I think I figured it out. Looks like I missed the “Tools” section right before the “pwd.” Also, I’m not sure why he has to do the “ls” two times but it seems to help resolve some issues.

To insert: it’s just as simple as pressing “i” before entering the text. Thanks for the VIM info, I’m new to this form of command prompt.