Alternative to Navio2 Telemetry part


I am following the drone build course with the Navio2, but according to Amazon the telemetry part is currently unavailable. Is there an easy replacement part or alternative part that can be substituted into the build and the drone function still remain? I am not familiar with the terms that are used here so before I try to buy something myself that may fit the build I want to ask others opinions first–plus I don’t want to get into removing soldered parts.



Did you buy the kit and it wasn’t included?

You can purchase separately any similar type. They are plug and play - no soldering required.


Didn’t get the kit, I am buying the parts individually just to get an understanding of what hunting the parts can feel like. The resource on your post is just what I need to understand what kinds of parts can be put on the drones so I am not searching blindly. Compatibility becomes the main issue, if I have an idea for a functionality but don’t know which parts can work with my build I need to find ways to get my answer without buying and returning all the time. This is significant especially since I’m totally new to drone builds now.


There are some unreliable radios out there. I recommend those from Holybro or mRobotics.

Update: Be sure you purchase with cable connectors compatible with your flight controller. There has been a shift between JST-SH, JST-GH and DF-13 connectors that can drive you nuts.