Adding Ledar rangefinder to Pixhawk drone build?


I’ve successfully converted my Navio2 build to Pixhawk and want to add the Ledar rangefinder. It seems that since the Pixhawk has several UART ports I shouldn’t need or want to use a UART to Pi USB port converter and all the steps to name USB ports etc. I can’t find any guidance in the Precision landing course on a straight UART connection for a Pixhawk. I realize the Precision landing course favors the Navio2 but I’m in Pixhawk land now and want to do precision landings. Any tips before I dive into the Ardupilot docs, Mission Planner or UTube? This can’t be a complicated procedure.


The Pixhawk conversion was straight forward and I’m looking forward to exploring different Pixhawk flight controllers paired with the Raspberry Pi 4 and Dronekit programming. All this has been made a LOT easier by the three excellent Drone Dojo courses. Thanks Dojo for the effort!!


Forget this question a quick check of the Ardupilot docs for rangefinders and the Leddar One shows the details of hooking it up to a Pixhawk in great detail.


Nice, glad to hear the wiring was straight forward!

I believe the main part you need is the 6 pin DF13 connector (what plugs into Pixhawk1) to 2.54mm molex connector (to wire onto LeddarOne).

Something like what comes in here should work.

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