4G/LTE Modem


Hello humans, following dojo hardware list I need SixFab modem kit however their sim cannot be used in Israel, also it’s pretty expensive

  1. Can somebody advice some kind of generic solution to user with respbery pi on with any sim?
  2. What SiXFab advatages over using regular stick modem like HUAWEI E8372


Hello @Excess3, how did the search go? Did you end up finding one… and if so, I would like to hear about it. I am shopping around as well and hope to add the “infinite” range capability soon.

BTW, did you add the capability to a drone or rover?


@Excess3 @sanperez eplying a year after original post, but SixFab sells a 5G modem now. Curious if any members have tried the 5G with integrated GNSS.

Would be interesting if we could use the GNSS positioning from the modem instead of flying with the separate GPS module sitting on a tower.