Implementing Object Detecting and Tracking into a drone


I am a computer science student and I am more into programming. So for my semester project, our supervisor assigned me and my groupmates the task of developing object detection and tracking software for a drone. And the user should be able to control the selection of which object’s movement needs to be tracked through a mobile app, which we have to develop as well.
PS, I am planning to use the YOLOv8 algorithm.
I have never been into hardware that much, especially drones. Regarding this project, I am planning to buy a DJI Tello Drone which I will keep on testing.

Can anyone help me in guiding whether I should buy DJI Tello or any other drone(that is programmable in Python and doesn’t require much hardware engineering)? Plus, can anyone guide me by providing me with a clear guided approach for such a project?


The Drone Dojo mission is to provide courses and hardware kits for you to partly do what you are seeking. The Programming course teaches drone coding and OpenCV for object recognition is used in Precision Landing and the Rover course. There are numerous Drone Dojo Youtube videos to check out as well.

Ready to fly drones was recently brought up -

A simple search finds what might be what you are after -